Angus Fiori architects is a studio of highly innovative architects based in Milan. During the past twenty years, Angus Fiori architects has been involved in many areas of architectural design. We have designed residential and commercial buildings, hotels, wellness centers and shopping malls. We have renovated historical buildings, villas and private houses in Italy, Switzerland, China, Russia and the Middle East. Angus Fiori architects has a list of prestigious clients such as corporations, asset managers, real estate operators and construction companies.


Our success is not only the result of the high quality of the design work and the constant attention to detail during all stages of the design and implementation of a project, but also our significant ability to understand and adapt to specific customer requirements.
Our expertise in resolving building ad urban planning problems in a short time; the management of the various actors involved in the administrative sequence and finally the realization of the project makes our company an effective and reliable partner in the development and realization of projects of considerable complexity. The company relies on a series of consultants that have a high level of expertise in specific areas of structural engineering energy lighting and landscaping.


During the last ten years we have become highly specialized in sustainable architectural design studying all topics in this field such as the focus of contextualization in the design approach the use of local resources the design of an acoustic and energy efficient building envelope the use of technologies that defer to bioclimatic architecture and renewable energy and the use of dry construction systems and prefabrication. We normally perform an ecological analysis of environmental sustainability and biocompatibility of the materials used in the construction process and their ability to be recovered and reused.